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Anita Bras and Mastectomy Wear

Anita - Nude Firm Sports Bra

Product CodeSC5529 Nude
The most comfortable sports bra from Anita we have tested.
Excellent firm support for minimum bounce and smooth, seamfree
flocked lining for ultimate comfort. This award-winning design uses
breathable high-tech fabric to ensure active sweat management and
maximum support. This Non-Wired bra is suitable for all sports.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award.
Red Dot

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Quick Overview

The most comfortable sports bra from Anita we have tested.
Excellent firm support for minimum bounce and smooth, seamfree
flocked lining for ultimate comfort. This award-winning design uses
breathable high-tech fabric to ensure active sweat management and
maximum support. This non wired bra is suitable for all sports.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2011.
Red Dot
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(34 reviews) 4.85
  •  Machine Washable
  •  Non Wired
  •  Cup Sizes B - H
  •  Back Sizes 32 - 44
  •  Adjustable padded relief straps
  •  70% Polyester, 15% Polyamide, 15% Elastane (excl. trims)
A firm and supportive sports bra with Level 3 support - to minimize your bust and eliminate bounce while excersising.

Need some bra fitting advice?

Call our fully trained bra fitters for advice on 01439 770040.
Phone lines open; Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm (calls charged at local rate)


A Fitting Guide:
How a bra should look on your body

When you try on a new bra, take a look in the mirror alongside these pictures for Susan’s top tips on how and why only quality bras transform your figure with their specialist features that uplift your bust and lengthen your waist for a neater silhouette to create the perfect foundation:



Your bra should centre your breasts so that, from the front, they are in line with your rib cage and are lifted to half way between your elbow and shoulder. Our quality bras, have firm side shaping to centre the bust and create a neater, narrower silhouette.


The underwire should fit behind your breast and against your rib cage. The cup should enclose your bust without any bulging. A firm bra band is also essential as this is where the bra does all its supportive work. Our bras use sophisticated fabrics with high tensile strength.


Your bra band should be lower at the back than at the front. This allows it to sit better on your body and tips the bust up. It also means that the soft flesh on your back isn’t pushed up into a bulge. To test the fit, lift your arms above your head. A well fitting bra will NOT lift off your rib cage. If it does, first check the cup fit (point 2) as you may need a larger size cup. If there is enough capacity then you may need a different bra size (see point 4).


The bra band should offer some give for comfort but should not be too loose as this will prevent it from offering optimum levels of support. To check the fit is right, put your thumb under the clasp and lift it away from your body. If it moves less than an inch then it is too tight, while any more than an inch means your bra is too loose and will ride up causing the straps to slip off your shoulders.


Why is there no DD Cup?

Prima Donna, Felina, Felina Conturelle, Anita and Lejaby bras do not have a 'DD' cup. In this case just move up a cup size. If you are a 'DD' cup choose an 'E' cup, if you are a 'E' cup move up to a 'F', 'F' to a 'G' and 'G' to an 'H'. 


Fitting Tips

Q. My breasts bulging over the top of the cups
A. The cup size is too small, try moving up a size

Q. Bra band rides up at the back
A. The bra back size is too large

Q.The cup has wrinkles all over it, particularly at the top and side
A. The cup size is too large

Q. Wires stand off the body at the front or dig in under the arms
A. The cup size is too small



FREE UK Standard Delivery

(usually £3.95)
4 days. UK & Channel Island Customers only.

Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery £4.50
1-3 days. UK & Channel Island Customers only.

UK Next Working Day Delivery £9
Next working day before 1pm. Signature required.
Orders placed by 4pm Monday to Friday.

Europe £7
10-14 days. Signature required.

Rest of World £13
10-14 days. Signature required.



Anita - White Jana Non-Wired Bra

Anita - White Jana Non-Wired Bra

Anita - Ivory Safina Non-Wired Bra

Anita - Ivory Safina Non-Wired Bra
97% of customers liked this product (34 reviews)
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Date Score Customer Comment
1 March 2019
It's a good quality item delivered quite soon and just as I had hoped no problems.
3 September 2018
Comfy and supportive bra.
29 June 2017
I find this bra range to be really supportive and comfortable; looks good in a modern, unfussy way and is easy to wash and dry. I wear them as a daily bra, not just for sport as they give a good line to my clothes.
28 June 2017
I always wear this brand un-wired as they are the most comfortable I've ever found. Expensive but last forever.
14 May 2017
Good quality bra, pretty yet supportive for larger bust. Gives bust a good natural uplift. I would say true to size and comfortable to wear.
26 April 2017
Fitted perfectly and comfortable to wear.
7 April 2017
I love these supportive, comfortable bras which give an excellent line under clothes and wash and dry quickly.
21 March 2017
exactly what it says on the ticket
1 November 2016
It is comfortable and I wear it when horseriding
25 June 2016
Very comfortable, holds me well in place and I am wearing it as a non sports bra too.
21 June 2016
Good fit and comfortable.
21 April 2016
I've had this bra before, and it is excellent.
2 December 2015
Wasted so much money on uncomfortable sports bras. This is the one!
7 October 2015
Ideal for my requirements
2 October 2015
I already have this product and it works for me very well. Good fabric, comfortable, supportive. Decided a second one would be useful too.
21 July 2015
Good fit. Sports bras are usually difficult to find in larger sizes but this bra fits perfectly and does the job it is meant to do.
19 July 2015
very soft and comfortable but also supportive
14 July 2015
would prefer less thin fabric to cups
4 May 2015
Not only does this bra support well but also looks good. Also retains its whiteness after washing. Excellent product not only for sports but also for general wear.
28 April 2015
Great sports bra - I bought one, which was so good, I ordered another.
14 April 2015
6 April 2015
excellent fit, very comfortable, great support for activities or not.
3 February 2015
11 December 2014
This is a reasonable sports bra.
14 September 2014
8 September 2014
Unfortunately I will be returning this Bra, it is not comfortable for me.
31 July 2014
Yes I was happy with this bra
23 May 2014
Personally I prefer not to have the hook & eye at the back. I prefer to put bra on over my head like a t-shirt.
8 April 2014
29 October 2013
A practical colour instead of white. Haven't worn yet, but style is supportive and comfortable.
9 October 2013
17 September 2013
My daughter is at college studying dance and she says this holds her really well.
15 September 2013
very comfortable
12 July 2013
This is the best sports bra I have worn
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