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Felina Lingerie

Felina - Underwired Shaping Bra

Product CodeUW5190 Black
Exceptional comfort and fit this bra gives you an uplifted, shapely outline.
Each cup has a side sling for improved shaping and support.
Medium cup coverage for a more open décolleté.

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Exceptional comfort and fit this bra gives you an uplifted, shapely outline.
Each cup has a side sling for improved shaping and support.
Medium cup coverage for a more open décolleté.
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(32 reviews) 4.85
  •  Hand Wash
  •  Underwired Bra
  •  Cup Sizes B - G
  •  Back Sizes 34 - 46
  •  79% Polyamide, 15% Polyester, 6% Elastane (excl. trims)
Loved for its firm support and uplifting shape. Felina’s unique flexible wires make this bra supremely comfortable to wear. The straps are more centrally placed. So ideal for ladies with narrower or sloping shoulders. The cup coverage is not as high as a Prima Donna full cup bra, but still gives enough bust coverage to feel secure.

Need some bra fitting advice?

Call our fully trained bra fitters for advice on 01439 770040.
Phone lines open; Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm (calls charged at local rate)


A Fitting Guide:
How a bra should look on your body

When you try on a new bra, take a look in the mirror alongside these pictures for Susan’s top tips on how and why only quality bras transform your figure with their specialist features that uplift your bust and lengthen your waist for a neater silhouette to create the perfect foundation:



Your bra should centre your breasts so that, from the front, they are in line with your rib cage and are lifted to half way between your elbow and shoulder. Our quality bras, have firm side shaping to centre the bust and create a neater, narrower silhouette.


The underwire should fit behind your breast and against your rib cage. The cup should enclose your bust without any bulging. A firm bra band is also essential as this is where the bra does all its supportive work. Our bras use sophisticated fabrics with high tensile strength.


Your bra band should be lower at the back than at the front. This allows it to sit better on your body and tips the bust up. It also means that the soft flesh on your back isn’t pushed up into a bulge. To test the fit, lift your arms above your head. A well fitting bra will NOT lift off your rib cage. If it does, first check the cup fit (point 2) as you may need a larger size cup. If there is enough capacity then you may need a different bra size (see point 4).


The bra band should offer some give for comfort but should not be too loose as this will prevent it from offering optimum levels of support. To check the fit is right, put your thumb under the clasp and lift it away from your body. If it moves less than an inch then it is too tight, while any more than an inch means your bra is too loose and will ride up causing the straps to slip off your shoulders.


Why is there no DD Cup?

Prima Donna, Felina, Felina Conturelle, Anita and Lejaby bras do not have a 'DD' cup. In this case just move up a cup size. If you are a 'DD' cup choose an 'E' cup, if you are a 'E' cup move up to a 'F', 'F' to a 'G' and 'G' to an 'H'. 


Fitting Tips

Q. My breasts bulging over the top of the cups
A. The cup size is too small, try moving up a size

Q. Bra band rides up at the back
A. The bra back size is too large

Q.The cup has wrinkles all over it, particularly at the top and side
A. The cup size is too large

Q. Wires stand off the body at the front or dig in under the arms
A. The cup size is too small



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4 days. UK & Channel Island Customers only.

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Felina - Black Smooth Comfort Bra

Felina - Black Smooth Comfort Bra
97% of customers liked this product (32 reviews)
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Date Score Customer Comment
9 September 2019
First time I’ve found this bra other than at my usual fit expert. Delighted
25 July 2019
The bra is comfortable and nice.
10 July 2019
My only reservation is on cost, the bra is well made and fits well.
27 May 2019
Sizing is not as true as I expected. A little big and would recommend erring on the smaller size.
13 May 2019
These 3 products were all perfect in fit, size and co,our. Thank you
27 March 2019
as before great selection
6 January 2019
Most comfortable bra I’ve tried
30 September 2018
Excellent product have been buying for some years
18 February 2018
LIved up to expectations.
8 December 2017
One of the most comfortable bras ever & very attractive too!
8 December 2017
Extremely comfortable bra & the best pants on the market!
9 August 2017
Great fir for those of us with narrow shoulders these are the only bras I have found that don't fall off my shoulders
6 August 2017
Perfect fit once again and oh so comfortable.
19 June 2017
Excellent support and close fitting. No bulges or gaps. Will definitely buy again.
14 June 2017
Good. I always choose Felina
2 February 2017
Good fit, and being skintone look good under white tee shirts.
28 January 2017
Excellent purchase will buy this product always
31 December 2016
This bra suits me! I wish it was in the sale occasionally!
31 December 2016
Comfortable fit. Expensive but worth it as it fits well.
1 July 2016
Quality product and for me excellent fit
5 May 2016
Excellent fit, very comfortable - have had 2 of these before and knew they would be just what I wanted.
27 February 2016
17 February 2016
As Above
18 November 2015
As Above
15 November 2015
Have used this make before and happy with it.
7 October 2015
Ideal for my requirements
3 October 2015
I only buy bras here now as they are always an excellent fit and give good support for an 'oldie' like myself
3 October 2015
As above
3 October 2015
as above
3 October 2015
As I knew it would be - comfortable and of high quality
26 May 2015
Very happy with purchase
20 March 2015
Perfect fit and very comfortable, as is the one I was measured for and bought in the shop.
25 February 2015
I love my new Felina why did I not order one a long time ago
20 February 2015
3 February 2015
As Above
15 December 2014
First time with this product, very comfortable and reasonably priced
27 August 2014
I really like these thank you.
8 June 2014
Just what I wanted
30 May 2014
30 May 2014
As Above
28 April 2014
Excellent quality.
24 April 2014
No comment
1 April 2014
I have had three bras. in this style and size which fitted perfectly, however the latest one seems too big, have the sizings changed? I have not bought a 34inch bra for over fifty years so find the situation rather strange. Your ratings sytem does not does not really cover the situation
15 February 2014
Only bra I find that fits me well!
8 February 2014
Very comfortable good quality bra.
17 January 2014
As always, the best product.
16 January 2014
1 January 2014
The quality of Felina bras is excellent. They are well designed to offer god support whilst still looking extremely attractive.
2 December 2013
27 November 2013
As Above
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