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Anita Bras and Mastectomy Wear

Anita - Nude Twin Firm Control Underwired Bra

Product CodeUW5694 Nude
An Anita best seller. Smooth, seamless fabric cups combined with powerful tulle provides maximum support to your bust. The soft and fine microfibre yarn fits and feels like a second skin with high breathability and moisture-absorbing properties. Lightly padded shoulder straps for additional comfort.

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An Anita best seller. Smooth, seamless fabric cups combined with powerful tulle provides maximum support to your bust. The soft and fine microfibre yarn fits and feels like a second skin with high breathability and moisture-absorbing properties. Lightly padded shoulder straps for additional comfort.
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  •  Hand Wash
  •  Underwired Bra
  •  Cup Sizes B - H
  •  Back Sizes 30 - 44
  •  90% Nylon, 10% Elastane (excl.trims)
Fits like the best selling Anita Twin design with a firm fit on the band and firmer fit in the cup. Twin layers of fabric on the cup for a smooth outline under tops. Supportive underband. Sizing is true to other Anita bras.

Need some bra fitting advice?

Call our fully trained bra fitters for advice on 01439 770040.
Phone lines open; Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm (calls charged at local rate)


A Fitting Guide:
How a bra should look on your body

When you try on a new bra, take a look in the mirror alongside these pictures for Susan’s top tips on how and why only quality bras transform your figure with their specialist features that uplift your bust and lengthen your waist for a neater silhouette to create the perfect foundation:



Your bra should centre your breasts so that, from the front, they are in line with your rib cage and are lifted to half way between your elbow and shoulder. Our quality bras, have firm side shaping to centre the bust and create a neater, narrower silhouette.


The underwire should fit behind your breast and against your rib cage. The cup should enclose your bust without any bulging. A firm bra band is also essential as this is where the bra does all its supportive work. Our bras use sophisticated fabrics with high tensile strength.


Your bra band should be lower at the back than at the front. This allows it to sit better on your body and tips the bust up. It also means that the soft flesh on your back isn’t pushed up into a bulge. To test the fit, lift your arms above your head. A well fitting bra will NOT lift off your rib cage. If it does, first check the cup fit (point 2) as you may need a larger size cup. If there is enough capacity then you may need a different bra size (see point 4).


The bra band should offer some give for comfort but should not be too loose as this will prevent it from offering optimum levels of support. To check the fit is right, put your thumb under the clasp and lift it away from your body. If it moves less than an inch then it is too tight, while any more than an inch means your bra is too loose and will ride up causing the straps to slip off your shoulders.


Why is there no DD Cup?

Prima Donna, Felina, Felina Conturelle, Anita and Lejaby bras do not have a 'DD' cup. In this case just move up a cup size. If you are a 'DD' cup choose an 'E' cup, if you are a 'E' cup move up to a 'F', 'F' to a 'G' and 'G' to an 'H'. 


Fitting Tips

Q. My breasts bulging over the top of the cups
A. The cup size is too small, try moving up a size

Q. Bra band rides up at the back
A. The bra back size is too large

Q.The cup has wrinkles all over it, particularly at the top and side
A. The cup size is too large

Q. Wires stand off the body at the front or dig in under the arms
A. The cup size is too small



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4 days. UK & Channel Island Customers only.

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1-3 days. UK & Channel Island Customers only.

UK Next Working Day Delivery £9
Next working day before 1pm. Signature required.
Orders placed by 4pm Monday to Friday.

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Anita - Nude Twin Non-Wired Bra

Anita - Nude Twin Non-Wired Bra

Anita - Nude Twin Underwired Bra

Anita - Nude Twin Underwired Bra

Prima Donna - Perle Underwired T-Shirt Bra

Prima Donna - Perle Underwired T-Shirt Bra
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Date Score Customer Comment
23 October 2018
These bras are always very comfortable
25 August 2017
I have several of these bras because they fit well and are comfortable all day.
5 March 2017
The Anita twin bra is my favourite for 10 years. I have had a change of size as I am 64, but it is still the most comfortable. It feels silky and smooth and very light to wear.
21 September 2015
Comfortable and true to size and good quality
29 June 2015
Just what I was expecting. Perfect fit, comfortable and un-fussy. Gives a smooth line under clothes
18 June 2015
Sent back as did not fit me.
3 May 2015
Probably one of the best I have ever bought
28 April 2015
27 April 2015
Rather a lurid colour, but very comfortable and good invisibility with T-shirts etc.
15 September 2014
Really comfortable...just wish it also came in black.
11 August 2014
I like the Anita bras. This one isn't as comfortable as the original, but much more comfortable than all the other bras I have bought. I have pain in my arms & shoulders so don't find it easy getting suitable bras.
31 July 2014
Yes I was pleased with the bra
10 July 2014
Excellent. Comfortable, good fit and comfortable all day
13 May 2014
This is a very comfortable and supportive bra that can be worn all day without any discomfort.
27 April 2014
Best bra I have ever purchased, I will be ordering more of these! Finally my long hunt for the perfect bra is over (for as long as you continue to sell it)
15 September 2013
happy with bra
13 July 2013
10 February 2013
31 January 2013
lovely fit will be buying another
6 December 2012
Had good old Anita for decades now - what will I do if you discontinue them? Think the extra firm support one, although a tad more expensive, does a better job!
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